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OUR MISSION: To prepare children with visual impairments for a life of independence through early intervention, education and family support.





Equally important was the need for follow-through during their school years - to build confidence and self-esteem. Only then could visually impaired children overcome the many obstacles they would encounter as they grew and matured.

With this in mind, the Blind Children's Learning Center developed a learning model that draws children into the mainstream of life early and begins teaching them the skills they will need throughout their lives.

For 55 years, children who are blind and visually impaired have had the opportunity to grow, learn and thrive.

The results of this progressive method speak for themselves.

Imagine for a moment being a blind person in Orange County in 1962. There are no services or support organizations. Transportation for the visually impaired is scarce or non-existent. You are in a world of isolation and dependence.

It was against this backdrop that six blind adults formed the Blind Children's Learning Center - originally called Services for the Blind Orange County. The founders knew the critical needs of the blind, and turned to one another for support, suggestions and solutions. The founders quickly discovered the key to helping visually impaired children was to start working with them at a very young age.

The recently recently held a celebration event called "Sights from the Past—Visions for the Future." Full story here.