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OUR MISSION: To prepare children with visual impairments for a life of independence through early intervention, education and family support.



 Blind Children’s Learning Center is an NPS that contracts with school districts to serve children ages 3 through 6 at Bright Visions Early Childhood Center in North Tustin.

  • ​The Pre-K and Kindergarten classes use the Houghton Mifflin academic curriculum adapted for each child’s visual or developmental need. The Preschool class will be using the High Scope curriculum.
  • Credentialed classroom teachers, who are Teachers of the Visually Impaired or supervised by onsite TVI’s, facilitate Kindergarten readiness in an inclusive classroom with 50% typically developing students in each class.
  • The child is immersed in a daily VI program, build around a Total Communication System for each classroom. This system was originated for the deaf-blind but is effective with a broader range of disabilities.
  • An onsite Deaf-Blind Intervener works with each child individually using sign language and other modalities to improve their receptive and expressive communication skills.
  • Districts may choose that each child receive therapy onsite, including physical therapy, occupational therapy, orientation and mobility or speech.
  • Childcare is available to parents.
  • Blind Children’s staff is dedicated to working with the district to transition each child. There is no additional charge for report writing or IEP attendance.

District representatives are encouraged to contact Amiee Goulding, Director of Bright Visions Early Childhood Center at (657) 232-9461 or at for additional information. 


Blind Children’s Learning Center encourages phone calls and site visits from case workers to discuss each child’s special need and how best they can be served through the Global Infant Development program.

  • Should in-home care be the best option for the family, our Infant Stimulation Specialists, Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists or Speech Pathologist will conduct home care visits as needed.
  • BCLC’s Bright Visions Early Childhood Center in North Tustin is an ideal option for infants and toddlers ready for services and socialization onsite.
  • BCLC offers Developmental Screenings to identify children who may have a developmental problem or a delay in one or more domains of development, or who are at risk of developmental problems in the future.
  • Generous grants to BCLC allow infants to receive in-home services upon the request or recommendation of hospital staff when the child is born with a visual impairment or at risk of developing a developmental delay soon after birth due to a visual impairment.

Regional Center staff is encouraged to contact Irene Takahashi, Director of Outreach at 

(657) 232-9460 or at for a referral or additional information.​ 


Early intervention is an important part of our mission. We both encourage and appreciate referrals from CHOC, UCI, pediatric ophthalmologists,pediatric optometrists and pediatricians. Should a child have a developmental delay or is at risk due to a visual impairment, it is important to contact us as soon as possible.  

To refer a child  to our Director of Outreach, Irene Takahashi: (657) 232-9460