"Twinkle, Twinkle, Our Little Star"

​-Winter 2016 Newsletter

​"We found out that Mason was blind and would have many other developmental delays early on, but the doctor couldn't give us any other answers. Blind Children's Learning Center was the only place that understood Mason, and still is. Mason is now riding a tricycle on his own and plays on the tire swing with his friends. He is beginning to learn Braille, and so much more we never though was possible."

- Charissa, mother of Mason, age 6

"Jack was three months old when we learned he was going to be visually impaired; we were still numb from watching him struggle to stay alive that the visual impairment diagnosis didn’t strike us as a challenge until he was closer to a year old and wasn’t hitting his developmental milestones. When Jack started receiving services in-home, we still did not grasp the value of what was being provided.   It wasn’t until after the first several visits that I realized the therapy was as much for Jack as it was for me.  They taught me how to engage Jack through sound and touch vs. visual cues that I observed from other moms.


When we finally went for a tour of the Center, watched kids like Jack tear through the playground and have fun doing therapy, we made the transition. Jack’s world opened up and our lives changed forever.  He started attending classes when he was nearly three. At that time he was not talking, eating solid foods or socializing with other toddlers.  Within three months, he said Mama, ate a banana and cried when it was time to leave to come home. It was AWESOME. Playing in the Occupational Therapy (OT) room, taking walks in the community, playing with paint or pudding – life was a party!


Jack recently came back to the Center to begin mentoring the younger kids, and trying to show them how to do things he had to learn after he graduated from the preschool. We want Jack to always remember, that if not for the skills he learnd and the friends he made at Blind Children's Learning Center, his life may have been dramatically different.

​- Jaimie, mother of Jack, age 16

"When Katie was a baby, we knew something was different. She was so delayed. When the doctor shined a light in her eyes, there was no reaction. She was diagnosed with Cortical Visual Impairment at five months, and Blind Children's Learning Center intervened right away. They presented objects in a way she could process. She immediately lit up and became motivated. I cried with joy. She has grown so much since then. Without early intervention and everyone rallying around her, I'm certain Katie wouldn't be where she is now."

- Grace, mother of Katie, age 4​​

"When it became clear that my daughter Xia was going to need extra support in order to succeed, we had no idea where to go. It was Blind Children's Learning Center that presented the solution Xia needed. They respected Xia's version of independence, and they never stopped bringing her closer to that potential. She engages with adaptive technology. She participates in art. She isn't isolated anymore because Blind Children's Learning Center gave her comfort in any setting."

- Tahira, mother of Xia, age 7


"Danyelle, Oh, The

Places You'll Go!

​-Fall 2015 Newsletter

"Mommy, why is it all black?"

​-Fall 2014 Newsletter

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